Datart is web application meant to make uninitiated young people learn about databases in a playful and easier way while combining these notions to artworks. I have carried the project all the way through using the Agile Scrum project management methodology and the Design Thinking process. I have also worked closely with the UX/UI Designer to imagine the User Experience.

The Basics


Centre Georges Pompidou


Ayoub Bourouag
Sylvain Capo-chichi
Ando Razafindrainibe
Nicolas Deschamps


6 months

My Role

Project manager/UX Designer


The challenge

The concept of databases is commonly seen as something quite complicated, cold and too abstract, let alone for children who still encounter difficulties to project abstract ideas in their mind. It involves complex notions which makes people even more reticent to learn database and IT in general, even for adults. Colors, emotions and imagination have no place in such a logical theme. There is a real interest in turning something very conceptional and unfamiliar to something pleasant and appealing while helping them grasp the concept we want to teach.

A familiar approach

It might not be obvious at first, but we do exactly what databases do in our daily life. A child who is sorting his toys into boxes is basically doing some classification, a classic database notion. From that, we simply used an artwork made of portraits from the Centre Pompidou and the player had to classify them in a clever way.

A human touch

As we aimed young children, the mini-games had to be as intuitive as possible. Still putting his toys away, the child is grasping them to move them into a box. We recreated that same movement with the drag and drop method. This interaction of grabbing something on screen and moving it felt as natural as in real life.

Relaxing colors

Colors are a powerful and simple way to influence our emotions. The IT world is often associated with cold tones such as blue, gray or even green. We wanted to imagine our own creative atmosphere so as to entice positive vibes. We used the Pantone color of the year 2018: the Ultra Violet. It is an inventive and imaginative color that communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking. By relying on the emotional design principle, the player felt comfortable interacting with our games.

Helpful details

We tried to design a custom-made experience for the player. It was achieved that by taking a greater care to little details. The goal was to draw the user attention where the action was by many ways. The interaction was suggested by wiggling movements, either by clicking anywhere on the interface or by hovering the element. We also encouraged the player by showing him tips when he was on the right way.

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