Reimagining a cafeteria experience

We reimagined the whole experience of the upper cafeteria of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci in Paris-La Defense to restore its positive image. As part of a school project, we worked during a design sprint of 5 days with the design thinking process on finding ways to address identified issues. I took upon the role of facilitator to guide the team efficiently throughout the week.

The Basics


Elior group


Julien Lambs
Adrien Mottais
Thomas Khazem
Remi Gauthier
Nicolas Deschamps


5 days

My Role

UX Researcher/Facilitator

The challenge

The upper cafeteria of the PULV has not known a big success for its new eat on the go concept. The attendance levels kept decreasing over time despite the efforts of the management to offer a different array of meals. The idea was to understand why the loss of popularity and imagine viable solutions that could be implemented immediately.

Methods of facilitation

As an empathetic person, I wanted all kinds of profiles in the team to feel as comfortable participating as possible. I made sure everyone was heard, every idea was shared, and deadlines respected. We used post-its, paperboards, a timer, and other useful tools.

Design sprint Moonshot

In only 5 days, we designed our concept following the design thinking process. We kicked things off with a mind map which helped us take a step back to grasp the big picture. From those new perspectives, we drafted an interview questionnaire and we went to meet cafeteria customers.

Insights and persona

From the interviews, we extracted insights that we transformed into questions with the “how might we” exercise. After a dot voting, we prioritized four main issues we wanted to address. We also made a persona that represented the average client.

Brainstorming and sketching

For each issue, we brainstormed, categorized and voted ideas to address them. We prototyped our solutions through storyboards and sketches. Then, we went to meet potential clients of the cafeteria to collect some feedback that helped us iterate and improve our prototypes.

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