Artificial Intelligence Hackathon

As part of a hackathon on Artificial Intelligence, we imagined AI integrated solutions meant to help the French society with a focus on the justice system.

The Basics




Julian Weber
Kevin Cattelet
Samuel Ouarbi
Lobé Sene
Constance Barriere
Nicolas Deschamps


5 days

My Role

UX Researcher/Designer/Facilitator

The challenge

The idea was to explore the AI subject extensively in order to find relevant use of it in different domains and introduce a political program.

An unfair justice system

Today, justice in France is far from being exemplary. In theory, it’s accessible for everyone, although, there are disparities between wealthy and low-income people. Complaints are long to be accessed, usually it takes at least 3 months and can last up to 20 months. Lawyer’s fees are very expensive which can be dissuasive. Legal aid is also quite limited, lawyers are less paid by the state so they’re less of them. We notice that there is a two-speed justice: if you can afford it, it’ll be faster and easier to defend yourself. However, for the most impoverished, it’ll be way more complicated.

Improve with AI

The objective of our project is to use AI to decrease inequalities by making justice easier to access; to simplify the legal process to make it more accessible, but also to improve the image of justice which is too expensive, slow and intricate.

AI legal expert

Our solutions are intended for different people. Firstly, for the complainant, we want to create an expert AI of all French laws and case law. It will allow our other AI to interact among each other.

Interactive system

We wish to make an interactive AI which will, after identification of the complainant request, to assess the cost and time of the proceedings, to accompany constituting the case. A chatbot will also help to guide and answer questions.

Intelligent analysis

To help assessing a potential expensive case, we thought of an intelligent analysis that would simulate chances of winning a case by comparing similar ones and their verdict.

Educate young people

For the young people, our solution is meant to educate and raise awareness thanks to a role-playing allowing to learn how to use the online platform with tangible cases.

AI legal assistant

We also want to set an AI assistant for legal aid specialized lawyers help them and reduce the proceedings time. For instance, it could be in charge of finding a specialized lawyer and take care of administrative tasks.

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